Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mini League Tournament

This past weekend I participated in an absolutely insane volleyball tournament in Berkeley, during which I played more consecutive volleyball games than I ever had before. On Saturday we played 5 matches 4 of which went 3 games. The next day we had a bit of a break, and only played 3 matches. Luckily there was a trainer on hand, and one that my volleyball coach had had a good experience with concerning his own injury a few years back. During the tournament I spoke with him about my injury and the difficulties I had had with my rehabilitation process. He recommended that I get a long warm up before every game, so I rode the bike for 10 minutes before jogging and going through my dynamic stretching routine.

At the end of Day one one, I had the trainer stretch me out and massage my quadricep using a metal rod as if it were a rolling pin all along my illiotibial band. The process took roughly 15 minutes and he warned me that I would be bruising along my quadricep from the treatment. He then placed a long thin band of tape along my IT band. I was very surprised that the trainer recommend that I not ice my leg. He said I should allow it to heal on its own. The next day I was shocked at how much better my leg felt than I had suspected it would after that intense of a tournament. On Sunday I failed to receive treatment after the last game. Later on that night I iced my leg.

My leg is a little sore still a couple days later but not nearly as bad as I had suspected it would be. I played volleyball again today and consciously avoided max jumping. I'm going to stretch again tonight but am really hoping and can get some more of that "magic tape" as well as one of those metal rolling pins.

I'm seeing the trainer tomorrow morning and am going to ask about the Berkeley trainer's suggestions and resources. I'll report more when there more to report.

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